The Toei Fushigi Comedy Series (東映不思議コメディーシリーズ Tōei Fushigi Komedī Shirīzu?) is a series of Japanese tokusatsu programs produced by Toei Company that features various superheroes much like their Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Series. However these shows mainly focus on cute robots similar to Robocon, cute and unusual creatures, masked individuals who get tracked down by school children and magical girls, each one is supposed to invoked mysterious humour hence the name as fushigi means 'mystery' in Japanese. This series of programs was shown throughout the 1980s and ended in the early 1990s. Many of the programs were created by Shotaro Ishinomori, creator of the Kamen Rider series of manga and tokusatsu, Robocon and many other Toei Superheroes.


  • Robot 8-chan (ロボット8ちゃん Robotto Hacchan?, Our Dear Robot 8) - Aired from October 4, 1981, to September 26, 1982
  • Batten Robomaru (バッテンロボ丸 Batten Robomaru?, The Robot Next Door) - Aired from October 3, 1982, to September 25, 1983
  • Pettonton (ペットントン Pettonton?) - Aired from October 2, 1983 to August 26, 1984
  • Dokincho! Nemurin (どきんちょ!ネムリン Dokincho! Nemurin?, Not in A Million Years) - Aired from September 2, 1984, to March 31, 1985
  • TV Obake Telemonja (TVオバケてれもんじゃ TV Obake Teremonja?, Telemonja the TV Ghost) - Aired from January 10, 1985 to March 28, 1985
  • Katteni! Kamitaman (勝手に!カミタマン Katte ni! Kamitaman?, As You Please, Kamitaman) - Aired from April 7, 1985, to March 30, 1986
  • Morimori Bokkun (もりもりぼっくん Morimori Bokkun?, Robot Bokkun's Quest) - Aired from April 6 to December 28, 1986
  • Omoikkiri Tanteidan Hadogumi (おもいっきり探偵団 覇悪怒組 Omoikkiri Tantei-dan Haadogumi?, The Eager Detective) - Aired from January 11 to December 27, 1987
  • Jaman Tanteidan Maringumi (じゃあまん探偵団 魔隣組 Jaaman Tantei-dan Maringumi?, Playing Detective) - Aired from January 10, 1988, to January 1, 1989
  • Chukana Paipai (魔法少女ちゅうかなぱいぱい! Mahō Shōjo Chūka na Paipai!?, The Good Little Witch) - Aired from January 9 to July 9, 1989
  • Chukana Ipanema (魔法少女ちゅうかないぱねま! Mahō Shōjo Chūka na Ipanema!?, The Good Little Witch Returns) - Aired from July 23 to December 24, 1989
  • Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine (美少女仮面ポワトリン Bishōjo Kamen Powatorin?, Pore) - Aired from January 7 to December 30, 1990
  • Mysterious Girl Thutmose of the Nile (不思議少女ナイルなトトメス Fushigi Shōjo Nairu na Totomesu?, A Girl of Wonder) - Aired from January 6 to December 29, 1991
  • Utau! Dairyugujo (うたう!大龍宮城 Utau! Dairyūgūjō?, Palace Follies) - Aired from January 5 to December 27, 1992
  • Yuugen Jikkou Sisters Shushutorian (有言実行三姉妹シュシュトリアン Yūgenjikkō Shisutāzu Shushutorian?, Three Sisters of Action) - Aired from January 10 to October 31, 1993

In addition, there was a show created to parody the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series.

  • Bishoujo Celebrity Panchanne (美少女戦麗舞パンシャーヌ Bishōjo Serebu Panshānu?, Bishōjo Celebrity Panchanne: The Wife is a Superheroine!) - Aired from April 3 to June 26, 2007